Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Block 2016

© Kathy Duncan, 2016

This summer has flown by. Family obligations and lawn mowing have kept me busy.  Now that summer is almost over for this teacher, I have finally managed to get a quilt block made!

This is Bonnie Hunter's strip-pieced String X, and it is my contribution to my quilting group's summer block drawing. 

This was my first time to use a phone book page for a paper pieced foundation, and I really liked it. The paper is thin and tears away easily.  I'm sort of regretting all of the phone books I've recycled. In the future, I will be keeping them because I don't think phone books will be around much longer. more thing to hoard. 

We will draw for the blocks at our summer picnic on the third Thursday in August. Meanwhile, I am working on two very hush, hush blocks, one of which is finished. They will be revealed after the picnic. Maybe I am on a roll?

You can find the basic pattern one Bonnie's webpage: String X