Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer Picnic Blocks

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

Each summer my quilt group, The Sew What's, has a potluck "picnic." As part of the festivities, we have a quilt block drawing. For each block we make, our names go into the drawing once. Usually, we have enough blocks for two winners. This year's quilt summer quilt blocks featured a pottery block. I did not like the wonkiness of the neck on the block on the right, so I adjusted the measurements a bit for the block on the left. Still not sure which one was correct.

These blocks went home with someone else, and that is okay because I still have at least two sets of summer quilt blocks that I won in the past--they are still ufos. One is an almost finished quilt top. The other is still a stack of blocks in a box.


  1. Interesting blocks, I wonder how the winner will set them together. Is there a photo of a complete quilt somewhere?

    1. I have not seen a finished quilt yet. Should see two in the future. Will post a follow up picture here when I do.