Saturday, November 28, 2015

Treasonable Quilt

© Kathy Duncan, 2015

A few months ago I researched this Confederate quilt that was seized in Baltimore, Maryland in 1862 and have been unable to figure out who the maker was or what happened to it after it was turned over to General Wool.

This morning I read Barbara Brackman's post "Stolen Quilt for Jefferson Davis" on her blog Civil War Quilts and believe that she has pinpointed its whereabouts as of 1864 when it was on display at the Metropolitan Fair in Manhattan. What happened to it after that?

The first article gives us a description: silk with a large Confederate flag in the center with a white cross in the center of a blue background. In the cross was embroidered "Jefferson Davis, President of the Southern Confederacy." On the other portions of the flag were the names of the Confederate Cabinet officers and of some of the Generals. It was seized in a house on Hoffman Street.

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This second article attributes the quilt to "a Baltimore rebel lady" rather than a group of ladies, but this is not necessarily accurate. Newspapers then made the same types of errors that newspapers do today.

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  1. Now we know what it looked like. It will not be hard to identify if it ever turns up!

    1. I'm not turning it up in Google images. It could be in museum collection or published in a book. Of course, it may be a private collection. It's interesting that it had been kept for a least two more years and not destroyed.